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SQ America

Manufacturer and packager of maintenance and cleaning chemicals. High quality products at an affordable price for customers that require reliability and consistency.

Excellent Quality

The SQ Brand has earned wordlwide reputation for its consistency and dependability.

Delivery Times and Customer Service

We take pride in ensuring that our customers receive our products as quickly as they need them. We know that there are many options, and we never take Brand loyalty for granted.


As manufacturers we offer solutions; it’s not about what we have but what our customers need.


We strive to offer competitive and fair prices. We take pride in being consistently ranked as the best value by all of our distributors.

A Family Company

For over 3 generations the SQ brand has been part of our family. We take immense pride in its success and we take direct responsibility of the daily operations.

Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly Made in the USA by American Workers using American Machinery. More tan 95% of our raw materials are also Made in the USA

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The SQ brand was founded in Venezuela in 1970 as a line of industrial and automotive chemicals that offered excellent quality at affordable prices. The consistency of its products quickly earned recognition and within its first ten years the brand became a staple of the local market.

As the company and the brand grew new solutions were added to the catalog. By the early 90s it expanded by manufacturing paints and janitorial and household products. At the same time the company crossed the local borders, exporting to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, the Caribbean and Spain.

In 2013 SQ purchased a 100,000 sqft warehouse in a 26 acre lot in Quincy, FL. By 2015 the first SQ chemical products were manufactured in American ground and two years later the facility began to fill aerosols and began to commercialize its products in the United States. Harnessing its 45 years of experience.

Currently over 40 different SQ products are manufactured in the United States. The principles of the company have remained consistent and the SQ brand has never wavered from its commitment to being an industry leader in both the quality of its products and its services.


Company Statement

SQ is a family owned company where three successive generations have had the opportunity of working together. This experience has not been limited to management as many of our employees have seen their siblings, children and other relatives grow as part of our team.

SQ has found success by consistently offering high quality products at a fair price and by being an efficient supplier to its customers.

Through our time we have learned that the only way to achieve prosperity is through long-lasting business relations. We do not believe in short-cuts, and we consider that the needs of our customers are always our first priority.